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Unleash Joy and Serenity: Puppy Yoga & Bubbly on December 10th & January 7th!

MM Studios Location: Woodbine & Danforth

Welcome to the most heartwarming and revitalizing experience of the year - our enchanting Puppy Yoga event on December 10th! If you're seeking an extraordinary and unforgettable moment of connection, relaxation, and wellness, you won't want to miss this remarkable event.

The Ultimate Fusion of Relaxation and Puppy Love:

Our Puppy Yoga classes offer the perfect blend of mindfulness, tranquility, and the irresistible charm of furry companions. The first class begins at 10 AM, and here's the exciting part: as interest swells and spaces fill, we're opening up additional time slots so that everyone can share in the magic.

What to Expect:

In each 45-minute class, you'll be guided by certified yoga instructors through a series of gentle poses and stretches designed to enhance your balance, flexibility, and inner peace. Your journey towards serenity unfolds within a welcoming and serene environment at MM Studios, located at Danforth & Woodbine. And of course, surrounded by puppies who will join you on your yoga mat. These puppies bring an extra layer of warmth and positivity to your practice. Their boundless energy and unwavering love create moments of pure joy, laughter, and relaxation.


Bubbles and Celebration:

But that's not all – elevate your experience with a touch of elegance and celebration. After your yoga session, gather with friends and fellow participants to enjoy a glass of bubbly champagne. Toast to the moment, savour the effervescence, and bask in the shared joy of this unique event. Share the experience with friends and loved ones – because joy is always better when shared. 


Price and Registration:

To secure your spot in this enchanting experience, the price for our Puppy Yoga class is $49.99 + HST = $56.48. Don't wait too long; space is limited, and this event is sure to fill up quickly. Reserve your spot now and prepare to immerse yourself in an event that promises pure bliss and unforgettable memories.

The fusion of relaxation, happiness, and the affection of these lovable puppies creates an experience you won't want to miss. Join us on December 10th for a morning of pure delight. Don't hesitate - secure your place, and be a part of something truly extraordinary. Life is better when you're surrounded by wagging tails and zen vibes.

Unlock happiness and inner peace with our Puppy Yoga - book your spot today!

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